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Crown’s Plank (forty-two) The Fourth Nine

Janess. Janess was possibility. Janess was terror. Janess was legend. Janess was the one thing on Saturnine that offered any hope. When it seemed the world couldn’t get any darker, that there was no… Continue reading

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Crown’s Plank (fourteen) Saunter and Hair

Tobi sat still on the boulder as the other girls took various places around the base of the Nephormed.  Miss Antonina sauntered from the woods behind them.  Fatigue and anxiety draped the atmosphere… Continue reading

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Crown’s Plank (nine) Guise of Strength

Tobi heard whispering coming from the other girls. They had gathered in the living room, beside the stairs, in a huddle where they waited anxiously to see what would happen next. Instantly, rage… Continue reading

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